Conversion Optimization


It is an alarming situation when the visitors of the website or landing page bounce off without undertaking the desired action. Rather than mulling over it, it is essential to figure out the reason behind the same and undertake optimization strategies so as to ensure it doesn’t happen the next time. We hold an immense experience to analyze such situations and deploy tactics which curb the bounce rate.

Under our Conversion Optimization, we follow certain steps to eliminate the root cause of the bounce rate of the visitors. These steps are:

  • Undertaking an extensive analysis of the webpage, website or the landing page to find out what part of the conversion funnels needs to be optimized.
  • On figuring out the same, creating a hypothesis for A/B testing.
  • Monitoring the testing phase to find out the flaw in detail
  • Correcting the flaw
  • Recording the optimized conversion rate and comparing it with the prior-process conversion rate

Thus, with the conversion optimization process, we keep away slow growth and stagnant sale rate at bay.

conversion optimization

Apart from offering services that boost your sales and optimize your web presence, there are plenty other services that we offer to our clientele. Have a look at our other services portfolio.

Domain Registration: We help you register your domain name so that you can leverage the same to have a robust online presence. Our domain registration service is affordable and ensures that it doesn’t drill a hole in your pocket. We even consult you while you select a name or the domain.

Website Hosting: We have state-of-the-art servers that keep your website live round-the-clock. These servers are secure and don’t trouble you with any storage capacity or bandwidth issues. Above all, the hosting facility comes at an amazing tariff rate which falls perfectly under your budget.

E-Commerce Site: If you are looking forward to adopting a click-and-mortar model for your business, we have a perfect solution for the same. Our developers are well-versed with many E-commerce platforms such as Shopify, Magento, etc. Thus, they can build and deliver a robust e-commerce platform that is customizable and scalable.

Presentations: We have creative geniuses who are experienced enough to deliver a stunning presentation. Whether it is a product launch, business meeting, or an update, our experts can build presentation which is appealing, crisp and helps the presenter deliver the message efficiently.

E-Mailer Designer: To hold the target audience on your emails, the emailer has to have a brilliant design. We have expert graphics designers on our end who understand this fact well and thus, create emailers that are catchy and hold the attention of the recipient for quite a long time. Above all, we invest time in the design flow that motivates the recipient to take the desired action.

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