Search Engine Marketing


With this amazing element of digital marketing, you get to see a boost in your sales and even brand visibility. With oodles of brands and competitors out there, it is vital to shout out loud about its USPs, products or services. Search Engine Marketing lets you do all the aforementioned in a cost-controlled environment. It allows you to precisely target your customers and place your ads in front of them in order to influence them to undertake the desired action.

Here’s How We Help Your Brand with Search Engine Marketing

From finding out relevant keywords to making the ad copies to making them live, we undertake everything.

We always keep the clarity of the objective that you, as the client, wish to achieve. Further, we work on an agile methodology that breaks the entire objective into easily achievable milestones. Other than the objective, the target audience always stays on the top of our mind while we formulate the SEM strategy and execute it. As a part of our SEM service, we also shoulder the responsibility of developing a landing page specifically focused on the USP that the product or service has, thus, attracting potential leads.

With our continuous monitoring, we ensure that we are always on track. In case of a little deviation, instant optimization is undertaken. The various services that fall under our SEM bucket are as follows:

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Google AdWords: If you are looking forward to advertising on the Google network, we are here to offer the Google Adwords advertising service. Right from eye-catching creative to a strong call-to-action, we take care of all. Also, with our precise targeting, we make sure you get potential leads with these ads.

Yahoo Search Marketing: When it comes to Yahoo Search Marketing, we develop and display ads to your precisely targeted audience so as to boost traffic on your website and generate leads for your offerings. Apart from showing these ads, a continuous monitoring and optimization are undertaken to boost the sales.

Bing Ads: Formerly called Microsoft Adcenter, Bing ads are a great way to bring in revenue. The Bing ads offer pay per click advertising on both Yahoo and Bing search engine. Both these platforms are leveraged by us to capture the attention of your target audience and convert them into loyal customers.

Keywords: In our endeavor to reach the right audience, we make sure that we invest a good amount of time on right keywords. Before the start of any campaign, we undertake an extensive research on the keywords that are relevant, trending, and have a very high search volume.

Ad Groups: In our Ad Groups service, we offer one or more than one ads clubbed together and put to display on the ad network of Google. These groups are formed on the basis of the categories of the product or services that you wish to show to your target market.

Ad Copy: We create attention-arresting ad copies that boast of creativity. Apart from being creative, our ad copies come with engaging content that holds the attention of your target market and make then undertake the desired action. We offer these ad copies in various dimensions keeping in mind the brand guidelines.

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