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Every brand needs sustainable visibility. In order to achieve the same, availing the search engine optimization service is indispensable. Apart from boosting the visibility of your brand, SEO lends a helping hand in escalating the traffic on your web portal and generation of relevant leads.

Our Process of Offering SEO Service

We follow a robust and foolproof process of providing SEO service to our clientele. Under this effective process, a proper analysis and audit of the website are undertaken so as to figure out any SEO issues. Taking into account all the SEO elements, research on trending keywords and considering the SEO glitches, an SEO strategy is formulated in order to strengthen the visibility of your brand.

We, being a leading SEO company, endeavor to improve your brand’s ranking on the search engines. Our SEO team is brimming with certified professionals with many years of experience in the relevant field. All in all, our white hat SEO technique aims to elevate your brand visibility through a higher ranking by several notches. Our entire SEO service consists of a plenty of other related services. Some of them are:

search engine optimization
  • On-Page Optimization: With our On-Page Optimization, we offer tweaks and improvements that can be undertaken on the website. These small changes aid to a great extent in boosting the ranking of the website. Some our On-Page Optimization tweaks include but not limited to uploading new SEO optimized content, changing meta description, tweaking meta tags, etc.
  • Off-Page Optimization: Under this head, we offer services that include optimization of the website outside its framework. We aim to optimize your online footprint with the help of effective tactics, for instance, backlinking, social bookmarking, generating and distributing press releases, etc. These efforts create an optimal experience for the crawl bots of the search engines, thus, leading to a very high search engine ranking.
  • Optimization of the Keywords: We undertake an extensive research for the keywords that work for your domain, niche, product, or service. On the basis of this research, we finalize some of the best keywords, thereby ensuring that they drive heavy traffic to your web portal. These keywords also become the base of SEO content for your website.
  • Site Structure Analysis: As a part of this service, we meticulously analyze the structure of your website along with the content on it. Based on this analysis, we suggest a customized architecture which fosters relevancy for the users and helps in brand visibility on the search engines. The optimal architecture and link structure also lead to an amazing website performance.
  • Recommendations: After the analysis has been done and the examination of the website, from SEO point-of-view, is completed, we put forward effective recommendations in front of the client. These recommendations range from optimizing the architecture to generating new SEO content on the web portal.
  • Strategy Report: Post site audit, we prepare and give to the client an SEO strategy report that boasts of necessary set of actions to be undertaken. Some of these steps are content optimization strategy, targeted keywords discovery, improvement tactics on On-Page & Off-Page front, etc.
  • Monitoring and Maintenance: As one of the best SEO companies, we keep a keen eye on the SEO performance of your website. Also, we keep the SEO strategy at par with the guidelines of all the search engines. These efforts lead to making your website crawlers-friendly and keep it at par with current search phrases and keywords.

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